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Tlou Energy is engaged in the business of increasing the environmental sustainability of the coal bed methane industry. Tlou improves the sustainability of its customers by using technology to help them do more with less. Tlou also improves the sustainability of landowners by using world class drilling technologies.

Tlou Energy adheres to its high environmental standards by using world class drilling technology and environmental management and protection techniques.

Summary of Tlou’s Environmental Approvals in Botswana

Botswana’s Environmental Assessment Legislation has been in place since 2005 as a framework designed to protect the environment.

The legislative framework aims to provide for environmental impact assessment to be undertaken to assess the potential effects of planned developmental activities and to provide mitigation measures for effects of such activities. This is primarily achieved through an approved Environmental Impact Assessment Study which is referred to as an ‘Environmental Approval’ hereafter in this document.

The objectives of the assessment studies are to:

  • Develop Environmental Impact Assessment for the projects to guide and manage impacts associated with project activities and processes; and
  • Develop environmental approvals and associated environmental management plans in line with relevant legislative requirements and company standards.

Over several years, Tlou has obtained Environmental Approvals for (1) Exploration Activities, (2) Gas Wellfield Development and Processing Facilities and (3) Downstream Infrastructure.

These three Environmental Approvals (outlined further below) include a comprehensive summary of the potential impacts of Tlou’s proposed project activities and the mitigation measures which are to be undertaken. The Environmental Approvals were subject to state interest review by a number of key Government Departments, relevant Land Boards and relevant Government Corporations.

Tlou Energy acknowledges it is also important to provide continuous environmental and social monitoring of these approvals in order to assure its stakeholders of its sustainable operations that aim to preserve the environment.

(1) Environmental Approval for Exploration Activities

Environmental Approval for CBM exploration activities evaluates and presents environmental and social management actions for a range of activities including:

    • The drilling of core holes;
    • The implementation of pilot testing pods (including monitoring wells and water handling);
    • The drilling of stratigraphic boreholes;
    • Seismic reflector surveying;
    • Drilling water boreholes for exploration needs;
    • Fly camps associated with exploration drilling activities;
    • The installation of temporary roads to access the drilling sites.

(2) Environmental Approval for Gas Wellfield Development and Processing Facilities

This Environmental Approval includes the main key project components for the gas wellfield development area include the following facilities:

      • The installation of up to 200 production pods (plus a facility to replace 10% of those pods per annum during the operational life of the development). A pod consists of 2 x horizontal wells and 1 x vertical extraction well;
      • A central facility for the gathering and beneficiation of gas and water;
      • The installation of a new base camp and associated facilities. These facilities will include solid and liquid waste treatment;
      • Associated pipe work for transportation of gas/water to the centralised treatment facility;
      • Associated pipe work for transportation of gas from the centralised treatment facility to a power facility;
      • The creation of a landing strip for light twin engine aircraft to enable airborne evacuation for life support assistance;
      • Installation of permanent or semi-permanent access roads.

(3) Environmental Approval for Downstream Infrastructure

This Environmental Approval addresses the social and environmental impacts of the area surrounding the planned development of the downstream requirements of the Lesedi project which including the following infrastructure:

      • CBM power generation;
      • Transmission lines;
      • Solar Power Generation

Motoring reports on compliance with Tlou’s Environmental Approvals

Pursuant to Tlou’s Environmental Approvals, Tlou is required to regularly submit an Environmental and Social Monitoring Report to the Department of Environmental Affairs. This report is prepared by third party environmental consultants to provide monitoring results from the Tlou Energy CBM project site and to establish a baseline in some of the environmental parameters. To date there has been no adverse impacts identified from the six-monthly rounds of monitoring activities. The reports have found Tlou Energy is acting in compliance with their environmental approvals.





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