Corporate Governance

The Directors (the “Board”) of Tlou Energy Limited (“Tlou Energy” or “the Company”) are committed to the implementation of the highest standards of corporate governance. In determining what these standards should be, the Board references guidance and supports, where appropriate, the 4th edition of the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (“4th Edition Recommendations or ASX Recommendations”) established by the ASX Corporate Governance Council (the “Council”).

This statement outlines the key aspects of Tlou Energy’s governance framework and practices. The charters, policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and updated to comply with the law and best practice. This statement contains specific information and discloses the extent to which the Company intends to or is able to follow the 4th Edition Recommendations. The charters and policies of the Company can be viewed on the Company’s website, (“website”).

The Council’s recommendations are not prescriptive and, if certain recommendations are not appropriate for the Company given its circumstances, it may elect not to adopt that particular practice in limited circumstances. The Company believes that during the reporting period ending 30 June 2019 its practices are, taking into account the size and makeup of the Company, largely consistent with those of the 4th Edition Recommendations and where they do not follow a recommendation this statement identifies those that have not been followed and details reasons for non-adherence. Even where there is a deviation from the recommendations the Company continues to review and update its policies and practices in order that it keeps abreast of the growth of the Company, the broadening of its activities, current legislation and good practice.

This Corporate Governance statement reports on the main practices of Tlou Energy and is current as at the 23 August 2019 and has been approved by the Board of Directors.

The Board considers that the company charters and policies set out below enables the company to apply with these requirements.

Company Charters and Policies

Corporate Governance Statement
24 September 2020
Appendix 4G – Corporate Governance
24 September 2020
Constitution of Tlou Energy Limited
27 November 2015
Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy
12 August 2014
Continuous Disclosure Policy
1 August 2013
Audit Committee Charter
12 October 2012
Board Charter
1 August 2013
Code of Conduct for Directors and Key Executives
5 June  2012
Arrangements regarding Communication with and Participation of Shareholders
5 June  2012
Policy and Procedure for Compliance with Continuous Disclosure Requirements
5 June  2012
Corporate Code of Conduct
5 June  2012
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
5 June  2012
Remuneration Policy
5 June  2012
Risk Committee Charter
5 June  2012
Risk Management Policy
5 June  2012
Privacy Policy
5 June  2012
Policy for Trading in Company Securities
5 June  2012
Policy for Gender Diversity
5 June  2012





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