Opportunity Driver: Southern African Energy Crisis

Southern Africa is in the midst of an on-going energy crisis with demand for electricity exceeding supply. The supply/demand imbalance is expected to remain at least through the medium term, with an additional 1,500-2,000 MW p.a. of base load equivalent capacity estimated to be required to meet demand growth in South Africa alone.

Regional and national power generation expansion plans include additional coal-fired generation, renewable technologies and nuclear programs, but each of these faces significant technological, environmental and funding challenges. The continued need for base-load and shoulder generation makes gas-fired generation an attractive option.

Path to Commercialisation

  • To replace expensive diesel fired electricity generation with CBM
  • Diesel power prices ~$30/GJ
  • >10 PJ/a Botswana existing gas demand
  • Virtually unlimited regional demand


Commercialisation Opportunity

  • Botswana power demand outstripping supply
  • Potential to replace dependence on excessive diesel fueled generation
  • Potential for additional gas fired generation plants to address regional shortage


  • South African energy market under pressure to meet growing demand


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